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  • RIGHT MIND It means to have the right mind or the right mind itself. This is the right mind to reject wrong or unrighteous thoughts to live in a society, always trying to progress toward the right way keeping social morality and rules.

    From old times the tea had been pursued as manners, not just drinks, and it also as self-discipline process of one’s mind and body. In spite of that the complex diversification and industrialization of modern society have made it hard to accomplish this original function of tea ceremony, we still put the spirit of tea ceremony into each steps of our projects, production, sales and after sales management to serve the clients with our products.

    The right mind is the basis to grow up to a humanized company, contributing to the righteousness of society with no pursuing any short-sighted benefits or profits.
  • RIGHT WATCHING The right watching means watching the objectives in straight and righteous view. The right watching means to concentrate on the right things with self-confidence and chivalrous spirit, without wavering or being seduced by insignificant odds and ends. This means an attitude always heading for the right way, rejecting any expedient or crafty tricks to pursue easy-going, and also not wavering by being seen as stupid and out-of-date by those kinds of crafty people.
  • RIGHT FULFILLMENT It means clean and spotless fulfillment to cultivate one’s minds for get into heaven. The right fulfillment is the course heading toward the right goal set by the right watching with manifestation of the right mind.

    Even if there are right mind-set and right watching, they would be nothing more than an armchair argument in vain without any fulfillment. Consequently it is necessary and essential to cultivate oneself, heading toward the right goal with right mind and right watching.

    Ultimately, to make right fulfillment in attitude of right watching manifested from right mind for all the process of business from the product planning, development, production to sales and after sales services with the only spirit to take good care of customers, this is the fundamental attitude and picture of DONGGU ELECTRONICS family pursuing to create new era of culture of coffee.