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will continuously endeavor to deliver the highest satisfaction to our customers with world class cutting edge technology and trustful services.

The intense own efforts and ambitious dream are the essential for the company to be advanced and leading the industry.

The core competence of DONGGU ELECTRONICS CO., LTD leading the ultrahigh speed growth of the company since established in the year 1989 are Firstly, The highest level of R&D investment for the continuous development of new growth leading business Secondly, Management innovation minds to fulfill the customers’ needs through the advanced prediction of the change of market environments. Thirdly, our sincere customers having been liberal with their cordial support and cooperation together with strong trust.

In 2000s, DONGGU ELECTRONICS CO., LTD has been recognized as the company of the world–class technology and top quality in the domestic and foreign office coffee service business field both in name and reality. With those accumulated know-how’s in technology and quality management through several decades, we can have launched the world-class level of various FRESH BEAN TO CUP MACHINEs from the year 2005 to present, which have made great contribution to the level-up and development of the domestic coffee and OCS market and to the import substitution of fresh bean to cup machines wholly dependent on the imported products until then.

We believe that Dream is the privilege obtainable only by the person who can try his best efforts to make it come true. We are also sure that today’s DONGGU ELECTRONICS CO., LTD as world-class manufacturer in coffee machine business fields has been resulted from our ambitious dream and passionate, sincere efforts to make it come true.

“DONGGU ELECTRONICS CO., LTD’s products to be most credible, valuable, and affordable coffee machines of world best function and quality”
We have confidence that we can succeed as much as differentiated and also grow only when matching with constructive change.

We, DONGGU ELECTRONICS CO., LTD, manufacture only competitive products for domestic and overseas market, and keep developing and launching the new products conforming with market needs and demands.

Consequently, we will keep growing to become world class global company through continuous proactive development of overseas market in alignment with the global management system innovatively corresponding to the changes of market and business environment, whereas maximizing our competitive superiority by reinforcing the core competences of each business unit of the company.

We DONGGU ELECTRONICS CO., LTD will do our best to become the global leader in 21th century with a dream to be world best No. 1 company in the industries of OCS, Fresh bean-to-cup, and mini coffee vending machines, and devoting all our employees’ soul and might in attitude to listen and get more closer to our customers’ voices.

We DONGGU ELECTRONICS CO., LTD promise to be the trustworthy company to serve the world best masterpiece products in coffee machine business fields, sharing the dream and future with our customers, and also creating the highest value from the thorough ethical, transparent, and responsibility management.

Thank you very much for your cordial concerning and encouragement.

CEO/ Chairman