The Best Barista is VENUSTA!
Professional VENUSTA Line-up.


Donggu Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in 1989 and has been developing Korean OCS (Office Coffee Service) industry for the past 29 years, and it has proven to be a leading automatic coffee machine manufacturer in Korea. It possesses the largest product lineup in Korea with the instant machine representative brand ' TEATIME' and the premium espresso machine brand 'VENUSTA', and is growing as a world-class coffee machine specialist. Donggu Electronics Co., Ltd. operates an R&D center staffed with excellent research personnel and has applied for various invention patents through ongoing new product development and new technology research, and retains many industrial property rights. It has obtained International Standard Safety Certification of various countries and is currently being exported to more than 40 countries including the US, Japan, China, Europe and Southeast Asia. We are establishing nationwide distribution networks to provide the best products and the best customer service, supplying products through specialized outlets and service centers (70 locations) while enhancing customer satisfaction by promptly and thoroughly managing after-sales service. Based on our high reliability, systematic management system, and investment profitability, we invite new partners to join us in leading the domestic coffee industry.

The only coffee machine manufacturer in Korea
(No.1 market share)
  • Product line-up competitiveness of TEATIME (Instant coffee machine), VENUSTA (Brewed coffee machine) brand
  • Active marketing such as corporate PR, brand and product advertising, promotional activities
  • Invests more than 2 billion in R&D and new business development every year
  • Systematic business system such as R&D/manufacturing/sales/service (after-sales service)
Korea's largest national service center
  • Online product/parts ordering system
  • Claim management through Quality Management QA System
National All-Cover Delivery System
  • One-Stop Service from order to delivery by building an integrated information system
  • National Service Network
  • Based on our accumulated experience over many years, Donggu Electronics Co., Ltd. has been performing thorough follow-up management undertakings to move the hearts of our customers and deliver success to our partners.
Premium espresso machine specialty brand
Founded in 1989, Donggu Electronics Co., Ltd. is the first specialty manufacturer to develop and manufacture fully automatic coffee machines in Korea for the past 29 years. In 2001, we launched the first Paper Filter method brewed coffee machine in Korea, and since then, we have developed and produced numerous automatic espresso machines. With accumulated technology in developing and producing these machines, we have grown into a world-class manufacturing company by creating the high-end specialty coffee machine "VENUSTA". VENUSTA is the number one selling coffee machine in Korea and is currently being exported all over the world, where the brand is increasingly becoming widely recognized.
TEATIME Introduction
TEATIME has always been there for its customers for 29 years and has been producing its famed "nostalgic aroma of coffee" for a long time. Placing customer trust as a top priority, all products of Donggu Electronics are thoroughly inspected by quality inspections and upheld by strict quality certification by professional institutes, and it has established itself as the leader in the industry with its proprietary technological research institute composed of expert personnel and a systematic one-stop system through design lab.